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Water reducing agent storage method

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2019/10/21 15:35
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  Polycarboxylate high performance water reducer

  1. The water reducing agent is liquid, we need to use the barrel to ship when storing;

  2, water reducing agent is a chemical, so we should be placed in a cool and dry place for storage, to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause volatilization, or cause the deterioration of water reducing agent, we should pay attention in winter Antifreeze, put it in a warm place;

  3. Generally speaking, the sealing time of the water reducing agent is one year. If we open the use, we find that it has exceeded the shelf life, but it can still be used.

  HSB aliphatic superplasticizer

  Storage and packaging

  1. HSB can be stored at -20-40 degrees Celsius but not exposed to the sun. The shelf life is one year.

  2, packaging: 250KG iron drum or bulk supply, can also be packaged according to user requirements.

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