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Water reducing agent performance characteristics

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2019/11/14 13:21
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  1. Low dosage and high water reduction rate, the water reduction rate can be as high as 45%; 2. The slump loss over time is small, the slump loss rate of ready-mixed concrete is less than 5% in 1h, less than 10% in 2h; The effect is remarkable, the compressive strength of 砼3d is increased by 50-110%, the compressive strength of 28d is increased by 40-80%, and the compressive strength of 90d is increased by 30-60%; 4. The workability of concrete is excellent, no segregation, bleeding phenomenon, concrete The appearance is uniform in color. When used to prepare high-grade concrete, the concrete has good cohesiveness and easy to stir; 5. The gas content is moderate, no adverse effect on the concrete elastic modulus, and good anti-freeze durability; 6. It can reduce the early hydration heat of cement, which is beneficial to Mass concrete and summer construction; 7. Excellent adaptability, good compatibility of cement and admixture, good temperature adaptability, good compatibility with different varieties of cement and admixture, and other types of reduction The problem of poor compatibility between water and cementitious materials; 8, low shrinkage, can significantly reduce concrete shrinkage, freeze-thaw resistance and carbonation resistance is significantly better than ordinary concrete; significantly improve the volume stability and long-term durability of concrete; The alkali content is extremely low, the alkali content is ≤0.2%, which can effectively prevent the alkali aggregate reaction from occurring. 10, the product has good stability, no stratification and precipitation occurs in long-term storage, no crystallization occurs at low temperature; 11. The product is green and environmentally friendly. Formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly products; 12, good economic efficiency, the overall cost of the project is lower than the use of other types of products, the cement can save 15-25% under the same strength conditions.

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